About Me

528346_10151376483426840_477214911_nMy History

Having been born and lived in California for most of my adult life I was exposed to many healing modalities, and philosophies that inspired me to continue exploring and training in both Body- Centred therapies like Breema, Reiki and Swedish Massage and counselling practices like 12 step recovery and dysfunctional family work.

In the mist of raising two children with my partner my family and I moved to British Columbia I left my work in autism care to focus primarily in massage. It is at this time I discovered the ancient art of Traditional Thai Massage. I have had many wonderful and gifted teachers over the last 20 plus years and I am so grateful to be able to share this beautiful healing work with my community. Aside from all other modalities I have learned it is by far the one that has most transformed me as a practitioner.

These last 10 years I have owned and operated Lotus Thai Massage & Wellness, been active in volunteering in my community of Nelson, BC and have continued to learn and be inspired by so many wonderful and gifted humans, clients included. Receiving my Yoga Teachers Certification and now graduating from the Ocra Institute as a Counselling Therapist, the deepening of my nurturing path continues, and my ability to support others in ways that are meaningful to myself and my community.

My clients and instructors continue to teach me that there is not bounds to the ways in which each of us can grow and heal despite our perceived and real limitations. Given the right support each of us can discover unique gifts and find ways of expressing those that is in harmony with our own body and mind and live happier and more healthy lives.


My Practice

Treatments are given with my full attention with love and compassion. The corner stone of deep healing starts with this intention. It is very important to me that everyone feels that my sessions are a safe and supportive space for healing to occur whether from a sports injury or emotional trauma.

I try to establish a good health history in our first session or and to discuss how I might be able to help you. If at anytime I feel you would be served well by someone with skills different from mine, it is my practice to suggest their care. I understand that sometimes healing is a multi pronged approach and I have a wealth of professional contacts and referrals to help guide you when and if needed.

For Massage – My touch ranges from gentle to firm and deep. Depending on the person and muscle mass, injury or issue we will create the massage that will best suit you. I have a nurturing nature and like to create a comfortable place for my clients to finally relax!  I have treated many conditions from frozen shoulder and sciatica as well supporting clients with inflammatory conditions like Crones and Fibromyalgia.

Even if it is your very first ever massage, please know you will be made as comfortable as possible. You are the boss! I welcome people of all ages and abilities. I have had many years experience working with people of disabilities including adult s and children with autism. My clients now range from age 7 to 87 so if you think your too old Im here to tell you that your not!

Therapy Dogs are always welcomed and no, I don’t need to see a note from your doctor! You can read about my special dog Pepper here,  feel free to request her to be in your session, she loves to snuggle!

Lastly, I want to extend a loving invitation to anyone in the LGBTQ+ community that my practice is a safe place and you will always be welcome.

Blessings, Liz