Pepper the Therapy Dog!


Meet Pepper!


Pepper is a small soft and sweet maltipoo. This picture is the first day that the roads where finally cleared of snow so that we could go for her favorite 2 things..a bike ride to work!

Pepper is a rescue dog from California..I like to say we were both rescued form the states and now have the gift of living in Canada! Pepper has a naturally sweet and kind temperament which makes her an ideal comfort animal.

From the first time I brought her to my office she was a natural! Like me, as soon as she gets to work she has to run down the hall greeting all the other practitioners, and spread this natural joy! When in sessions she is sensitive to peoples space and will quietly curl up or spread out on the mat while I do my work. Occasionally she likes to inch closer till she is snuggling a leg or arm of the client if they are receptive, its hard not to feel calmed by her. No worries, she is hypoallergenic!

So, if having Pepper in your session would bring ease to your nerves or just cuz you love animals, feel free to request her! Also, if you have a comfort dog please feel free to bring them…all sheets are changed after each session so no worries there.

Animals bring joy to the heart like nothing else. How lucky we are!