Thai Treatments


How long should I book? The length of session dictates how much we can cover in a session. The longer the session the deeper the work. Be generous to yourself..take the time you really need.

Thai Yoga Massage


Traditional Thai Massage is a deeply therapeutic body treatment, combining deep/or gently acupressure, compression massage and passive stretching to relieve and release bound soft tissue, stiff achy joints and improve energy flow.  The practitioner will use her palms, feet, knees, thumbs and elbows to apply the right touch for you. The treatments are deeply therapeutic and restoring, you will feel remarkably more fluid, open and relaxed! All sessions end with a lovely face massage with organic essential oils. Clothing provided.

  • Prices include 5% tax  
45 minute ~  Neck & Shoulder / $70

This session is great for a quick fix to pain or discomfort in the upper back area.  Using deep acupressure and gentle stretching to release painful bound tissue

60 minute / $85 

The one hour session is a lovely relaxing massage. This treatment allows time touch on the whole body or work deeply one specific area.

90 minute / $115 

This 90 minute session is ideal for a deep work on the channels and bound tissue of the body, while allowing time to address one or two specific areas of concern.  Great for deeper relaxation and release of pain, while having time for passive stretches and traction techniques. Super great for preventive care or need for healing, ending with a lovely face massage.

120 minute/ $140
This two hour therapeutic session is a traditional length for Thai Massage! If you can make the time, this is a real treat, allowing time for deep work and varying range of motion techniques. Great for serious aches and pains or need to de stress. Your session ends with a face massage…you are sure to leave completely loose and relaxed!


Thai Foot Massage

Like the body massage, the Thai Foot Massage is focused on working the meridians throughout the bodimages-2 copyy, but through the feet! Both the lower leg and feet are deeply massaged in this treatment, aiding tight calves and tired and sore feet, including acute conditions like Planter Fasciitis. A deeply healing and relaxing treatment, you’ll be walking on clouds all day! Coconut and essential oils are used in this treatment. GST included.

30 minute / $45           50 minute / $75



Deluxe Thai Massage -Thai Foot and Body Massage

images-7The best of both worlds! Your session will start in my chair for a relaxing Thai Foot Massage and then to the mat for a full body Thai Massage. This is the happiest of all occasions, one you will not forget. Look to longer sessions for more therapeutic focus. A real treat for your whole body!

90 minute / $120          120 minute / $145

 Thai Herbal Massage = Thai Massage with heat!

s4This deeply healing treatment combines the benefits and techniques of  Traditional Thai Massage with the healing powers of heat provided by the Thai herbal compress. Alleviate sore tight muscles, joint inflammation and pain. Each compress is filled with medicinal herbs like Plai ginger, camphor, tummeric to sooth and relax muscles and increase circulation. Combined with deep point work and stretching the Thai Herbal massage is a rich and relaxing experience.  Especially good for injuries!Read more here

60 minutes / $95          90 minutes / $125            120 minutes / $150 


 Thai Dream Massage ~ The works!

Experience all the benefits of what we have to offer in this ultimate treat for your whole self. The sessions includes the Thai Foot Massage,  Traditional Thai massage and the Hot Herbal Compress all in one! You are sure to melt right out the door! Session ends with a soothing face massage.

90 minute/ $130           120 minute/ $155




Additional Treatment Techniques Used images-32

Thai Massage is so utterly relaxing it’s easy to forget how therapeutic it is! In so honoring this focus of therapy in the work, your practitioner may suggest using a Cupping Treatment or Body Scrapping Treatment to address bothersome issues.  There is no additional cost for these techniques.


Pre Natal and Post Natal Pregnancy Care : Thai Massage is wonderful for pre and post birth. Read more info here to help you choose the right session!


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