Before and After

Welcome to Lotus Thai Massage!


I am super excited to share this wonderful treatment with you. So here is the low down of what goes down in your first appointment and some after care thoughts.

Before a Treatment

  • Please arrive 5 minutes early to fill out a short but very important Client Health Profile.
  • Thai Massage is a clothed massage. I will have a comfy t shirt and Thai Pants available for your session. Should be an extra large wonderful you or particular..feel free to bring your own. This would be: loose soft comfortable pants or lounge wear, t-shirt or long sleeve…please no buttons, zippers and try no synthetic material which is harder to work through and to breath in etc…
  • Please arrive with an empty stomach or close to. I move you around a bit and with any massage it is best received when your body is not working on digesting lunch!
  • Be open to relaxing after your treatment.  Some people rush off to work or run errands. Of course you do what feels right for you, but giving your body time to assimilate a treatment is a nice gift to your self.
  • Scent is used in the room for aromatherapy. Please notify me if you need the room and or oil to be unscented.


After a Treatment:

  • Water, Water, Water..I can’t stress this enough. Hydrating is invaluable to any kind of massage recovery. You may want to up your water intake by a couple of glasses for the next 24 hours. This will help with the natural detoxing effects of the massage.
  • Like I said above…Relax…I know this is contrary to our fast pace culture. It is essential that we make time for ourselves, to allow our bodies the peace that insures the long term energy and vitality we all desire. So, try to book your appointments when you might have some time to chill afterward.
  • Epsom salt baths are a wonderful way to extend the benefits of any bodywork. Naturally easing the muscles that have just been worked in a massage as well as bringing down inflammation in the body…plus it just feels so good!


Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at [email protected] or 250-505-3932