Body Scrapping Treatment


images-34Body scraping or “khroodt” in Thai or Gua Sha in Chinese medicine,  is the use of a scraping object like a porcelain spoon, or stone to scrape the skin/tissue of the body. It is also like cupping an ancient ( very old ) technique used to bring a healthy blood flow to stagnant areas and to effectively loosen tight and bothersome knots and build up in the tissue.

The most common area for use in on the shoulders and neck, but is very useful on the whole back, fore arms or anywhere that has been more troublesome to treat.

The scrapping is usually not painful. It will leave a red mark that will go away in a day or two. These red marks are caused by broken blood vessels as the increase of blood flow is generated by the scrapping. People have found it a great tool for the stubborn tight knots in the shoulders.

As with the cupping technique it is important to keep the area treated warm and protected from cold and wind after a session.

At lotus Thai Massage your practitioner may suggest this treatment during your session. If you like scrapping or Gua sha you may request this at anytime.