Covid 19 Full Clinic Protocols

Handling Clients

  • Prior to Treatment you will have signed a Covid 19 concent form describing in office protocols for your session, in addition clients will be prompted to fill out a Health Screening Survey 2 hours before your session, with the option to cancel if you are experiencing any symptoms.
  • Clients will wait in hallway is chairs that our spaced 2 meters apart to be received at appointment time
  • Physical distancing will be supported whenever possible throughout the appointment
  • Clients will be walked to the bathroom and asked to wash their hands. I will disinfect the bathroom after their use. 
  • Once entering the office clients will be directed to the treatment room and asked to change their clothes and put on a mask they bring or take one from the box available in the room. I will also wear a mask for the treatment and change between clients.
  • After sessions Clients will be asked to leave their clothes on the mat, they can either take their mask home or dispose of it in the trash can in the office area. Also Hand Sanatizer will be available to them in the treatment room, Office and Hallway.
  • When Client leaves office I will disinfect the door knobs of the Office and all surfaces of the  Treatment room.

Disinfection of Office and Treatment Room

  • Myself and fellow practitioners will support physical distance measures while using the Office space.
  • Once arriving at the office I will disinfect all surfaces, and all shared surfaces will be cleaned in office and kitchen area
  • There will be at least 30 minutes scheduled between clients to allow for proper disinfection
  • I will change my clothing and mask between each client and dispose the dirty clothes in a hamper
  • All clothing and sheets used by clients will be placed in a laundry hamper and taken home after each day to be cleaned.  
  • All items used by myself in the treatment room will be disinfected between Clients
  • Office will be regularly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day
  • Bathroom will be regularly cleaned throughout the work day
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in hallway, office and treatment room