Thai Foot Massage

“I feel like Im walking on clouds”

Thai Foot Massage or Thai Reflexology is a very popular and easily sought out treatment in just about every street in Thailand. At Markets you will see a whole line of practitioners with clients lying back in chairs either asleep, drooling or with smiles plastered on their faces. After you experience the foot massage you will know and not easily forget how relaxed it made you feel, transforming your tired ache legs into relaxed, soft limbs flowing with energy!

At Lotus Thai Massage I offer Traditional Thai Foot Massage sometimes referred to as Thai Reflexology, which is mainly for westerners to know that this is a therapeutic foot massage not a gentle foot scrub, throw on some lotion kind of treatment that you might receive from a pedicurist in a spa, not to say that that doesn’t feel good but this is different.

Thai Foot Massage focuses on the knee down to the toes. The experienced practitioner will be working the bound tissue of the feet and calves as well as actively working the meridian or channels of the lower leg. This is what differentiates this treatment from any others. We commonly use a small wooden stick at some point in the treatment to help go deeper into the channels of the tissue.  The pressure we use during the massage depends on the clients we are serving and their level of sensitivity, I mean we want you to feel comfortable and feel relaxed!

Your Foot Massage treatment at Lotus Thai Massage is given on a padded mat on the floor, it is heated and comfortable. If have physical limitations then a chair can also be used. My aim is to deepen your experience with as many comforts as possible; blankets, heated mats, eye pillows and me!

Depending on your length of session your treatment will start with a short soak in epsom salts with essential oils (optional). Then you can lye back and drift off as I massage your tired and hard working feet. Please not the this treatment is super effective for Planters Fasciitis, hammer toes and other painful chronic foot and calf issues.